New moon march 3 astrology

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Life can be exhausting at times. Another day, another week, another New Moon, but there is a cosmic force out there that is bigger and greater than you. This force holds your essence, but magnified.

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The cosmos is your guide. It is your mirror into what is happening below, in the depths of your soul, in the depths of your heart. Just like the night sky twinkles with stars, so does the pit of your soul.

Your soul sparkles like a thousand diamonds hitting the light. Your soul is a rainbow of colors and light. I could tell you that is what you really are, but you see a body, you see hands and feet, and this 3D solid form that you cannot ignore. And that is ok. That is how it should be. You will enter into a new domain of understanding, into a new domain of wisdom. This New Moon is going to lead us into the new beginnings that the astrological new year will bring on the Equinox of March 21st , when the Sun returns to the beginning point of the zodiac wheel. This is the mark of a bright new chapter, a chapter that is bolder, more courageous, and more adventurous than before.

This New Moon is going to give us a glimmer of this energy and will help us to prepare for this new chapter. This New Moon is the starting point to the rest of the year. What we plant now, what we vibrate now will help guide us through the months to come. If you have been seeing things one way, this New Moon asks you to flip it, to turn it around, to see it in a new light.

Take a situation that has been jamming up your life in some way and flip it. See it in reverse. See it from a new angle. See it in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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Stretch yourself, stretch the dimensions of your mind and see what new thoughts or inspiration hit. You can be exactly where you are. There is a purpose for you exactly where you stand.

The beauty of a Pisces New Moon is that we are not encouraged to think deeply, instead we are encouraged to feel deeply. We are encouraged to step out of our mind and rational thinking and into a more creative, feeling place. We are encouraged to sing, to dance, to express through art and through music. We are encouraged to let go of our thoughts, to clear our heads, and to instead focus on the rhythm and beat of our heart. Our heart contains a magnetic field that is so strong and so powerful.

It radiates its own wisdom, it carries its own intelligence, and the energy of this Pisces New Moon will be helping you to tap in and align with this. Wipe the slate of your mind clear and tune into the beat of your heart. Feel your heart pulsating.

Speaking of Venus , she is scouting out the workplace ahead of Jupiter. Although they are no longer in the same sign, Venus and Jupiter are still just over 2 degrees apart—well within orb of conjunction which was exact on Nov.

New Moon Meaning

As a result, Venus can soothe Jupiter and smooth his transition into—what is for him—a somewhat daunting sign. Jupiter in Capricorn is in its Fall — the sign opposite its Exaltation. For Jupiter—and for our sense of hope, faith and anticipation—it may feel a bit like a "fall from grace.

New Moon March – Practical Magic – Astrology King

This suggests the transition from the Sagittarius quest for meaning and truth into the Capricorn mandate for structure, order and maturity might be a somewhat bumpy ride. Chiron in Aries is a reminder that in a cooperative society we can't always do whatever we want, since circumstances and consequences may make it difficult or impossible. Again, this could accentuate any feeling of disappointment or setback you might experience. Being Chiron, this might be expressed through health issues, so this is a good time to take care of yourself.

It might help to blow off some of that stress through physical activity—just enough to keep from seizing up, not so much that you make matters worse. You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Thankfully, there's also some impressive potential waiting for Jupiter in Capricorn, if we know how to frame this energy in a positive way. Therefore, this send-off celebration at the Sagittarius New Moon can stoke Jupiter's—and our—courage, self-confidence, optimism and sense of positive vision.

Take a vivid mental snapshot of what this looks like, because it will be invaluable to help get you through the coming year while lofty Jupiter is wading through the Capricorn trenches.

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So, here's the deal with Jupiter going into Capricorn. For the last year, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, we've been blessed with an injection of fresh optimism, vision, confidence, and having your faith in humanity at least somewhat restored. No doubt you've also experienced a lot of heaviness and stress through this time — Saturn and Pluto are hard to ignore. Thanks to them, you may have felt a fair bit of doubt, pessimism, discouragement, exhaustion and perhaps even cynicism at times.

Now Jupiter is about to join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. If Jupiter's Sagittarian optimism is the best thing holding you up these days, you might feel a sad let-down or discouragement. Sagittarius is a Fire sign — full of its own light show, brilliant, exciting, and larger than life. Look at all those possibilities! What ever could go wrong?

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It can look so real, it's easy to believe that those shining light promises are a done deal. Capricorn is an Earth sign — full of hard work requiring elbow grease, commitment and endurance. Not exactly the Sagittarian party Jupiter is used to. So, your first experience of Jupiter in Capricorn might be one of disappointment or feeling like the bubble just burst.

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That's why it's so important to hold a memory of Jupiter in Sagittarius in your heart, so that you can remember what you're doing it all for. Jupiter in Capricorn takes all that Sagittarian vision and faith and finds ways to manifest it in concrete, authentic ways. It's not enough to merely bask in the idea of a better life or a better world—it must be forged into something that is still there after the initial vision has dissipated and faded into memory.

Hence, this coming year is a time to use your hope to fuel your commitment, your faith to give meaning to your endurance, your optimism to be channelled into positive action, and your urge for expansion to be transformed into a slow, steady, developing growth. So, here's your homework between now and December 2nd. Write down all the positives you can think of from the past year or since Nov. Go back over your journal and your calendar to spot things you might have forgotten about.

What were the high points of your year? What kind of optimism and hope did you feel, and what events or experiences brought on those feelings? Even if you can't remember details, describe what you remember about these times. What kind of vision of the future appeared in your mind as a result of those upbeat moments? It might be hope for a new job, or thinking of ways to end world hunger, or insights that turned on the light of understanding in a difficult situation, or fresh ideas about things you can do that make you feel alive.

Write them all down. I mean it—write them down! Don't put it off until later, just do it.

new moon march 3 astrology New moon march 3 astrology
new moon march 3 astrology New moon march 3 astrology
new moon march 3 astrology New moon march 3 astrology
new moon march 3 astrology New moon march 3 astrology
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new moon march 3 astrology New moon march 3 astrology

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