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The Kerala astrologer who read Jayalalithaa's stars right

Take a look at the currently trending celebrities, the most popular birthdays for a specific day or jump to a random or recently added celebrity's page if you're not looking for anything specific. Derivative work: Keyan Jayalalithaa Indian actor Birthday : February 24 , Birthplace : Melukote, Karnataka. Death Date : December 5, Age at death : 68 years old.

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The changing connotation of Tamil Nadu Politics

But it appears to be the correct birth time. The ascendant lord Mercury rules 1st house and 4th house and is placed in 8th house in the 6th competition and 11th gains lord Mars Dhanishta nakshatra, and Mars is in 2nd money house in conjunction with the 2nd lord Moon. The ascendant lord Mercury is in excellent nakshatra, and is aspected by two auspicious planets for Gemini Ascendant, 6th and 11th lord Mars and 2nd lord Moon. The ascendant lord Mercury is very strong, and connected with very auspicious planets.

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This attributes to her high level of success as an actor and politician. Ms Jayalalitha has some very strong planets, she has done very well as an actor during 5th lord Venus, Mahadasha, and later sun and moon mahadashas. Mars and Rahu mahadashas were good for political career, and success. The disproportionate assets case was going on for 18 years, but Rahu mahadasha protected her for 18 years as Rahu is in 11th house of gains in Mars sign Aries.

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But unfortunately Ms Jayalalitha entered evil Jupiter mahadasha in August Jupiter is a very evil planet for Gemini ascendant because it rules both Badhaka and Maraka houses by being lord of 7th house. Jupiter mahadasha Saturn bhukti until April 5th, will be painful and challenging for her as the mahadasha lord Jupiter has a connection with Bhadhaka and Maraka house, and 12th house.

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  7. Bhukti lord Saturn has a connection with the 8th house of punishment, and fine. Traditional Vedic Astrologers had predicted that will be an excellent year for Ms Jayalalitha as Jupiter is very strong in its own sign in Sagittarius in the 7th house. I cannot believe even the personal astrologers to Ms Jayalalitha could not see this downfall coming at the end of Now she is going to try for bail on Tuesday October 7th, just a day before the eclipse. In my opinion it will be difficult for her to get bail in this month of October, because her lagna lord Mercury has already become retrograde and it will came back to Virgo and will be afflicted by its conjunction with Rahu, and we have two eclipses this month.

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    She may get bail after facing lot of obstacles. There is a better chance of getting her bail in November when mahadasha lord Jupiter will not be aspected by Saturn, rather Jupiter will be aspecting bhukti lord Saturn, and ascendant lord Mercury will be transiting in Scorpio where it will be aspected by Jupiter. The planetary transits will be favorable for her between November 2nd this year and July next year as Jupiter and Saturn by transit will be good.

    Jayalalitha Astrology Chart Analysis : G Singh

    Ms Jayalalitha can expect some lucky period between September and October when Jupiter will be transiting Libra sign and will aspect the natal Mercury in Aquarius, while she will be in Mercury Bhukti in Jupiter mahadasha. As Mercury, her ascendant lord is the best planet in her astrology chart. But again the Jupiter mahadasha is very evil for her as Jupiter is the Badhaka and Maraka planet for her and also has a connection with 12th house lord Venus.

    As I mentioned the bail will be difficult, so Jayalalitha's bail was rejected by the Court. But as I mentioned before, the Jupiter mahadasha will be difficult and challenging. The Saturn bhukti will be very difficult.

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